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Film festivals are essential                                            platforms for the exchange of information

The number of people who eat and live vegan is growing worldwide (according to a survey by Swissveg, in the last few years 11% of the Swiss population lives vegetarian or vegan in 2017).

There is no need to explain the positive benefits that a vegan diet would have on us humans; health, nature and the environment could benefit in enormous dimensions. Above all, the cruel exploitation and torture of our fellow creatures the animals would finally be put an end to.

With our vegan film festival Switzerland we want to raise awareness, inform and convince the public that a vegan diet could minimize many of our problems. At the same time we support vegan artists and filmmakers with their work.

We not only show movies about animal welfare & activism, ethics, environmental protection, healthy nutrition in the context of a vegan lifestyle, but are also a cultural experience: music, performances, soul food - a harmonious, compassionate and environmentally friendly event for anyone who wants to learn about vegan activities or gain an insight into vegan life.